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Retail Workers Are Roasting Customers On Twitter And TBH Same

If you don’t have the tags or receipt but are demanding a refund, fuck you.

The latest viral meme on Twitter is #ThoughtsWhileWorkingInRetail, and honestly it’s the most relatable thing I have ever seen as a retail worker with my own… er… colourful customer stories. Basically people are just being brutally honest about the shit they get up to at work, and the stuff they wish they could say.

Anyone who’s worked in retail knows the struggle. Customers always manage to talk shit, and Lord knows I’ve had my patience tested more times than I can remember. Here’s the most annoying things I reckon customers do, and the best memes to go with ’em.

The Backroom

OMG, please don’t ask me to go to the backroom when I have already told you that we don’t have that item Susan. We don’t have it. I promise I’m not hiding that tee shirt from you. Retail doesn’t exist to spite you.

No, I’m Not Gonna Give You A Refund

Honestly? There’s a special place in retail hell for customers that ask for a refund on an item that they don’t have the tags or receipt for.

Please Don’t Complain To Me, I Literally Can’t Do Shit About it

Where Are Your Basic Observation Skills Karen

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