Rihanna Claps Back At Donald Trump For His Take On Immigration

Rihanna’s reminds fans and Donald Trump she’s an immigrant

Rihanna is not one to shy away from clapping back at things she doesn’t believe in. So she’s been pretty keen to address her distaste for Donald Trump. And her latest rebuttal to Trump’s politics came from her luxury fashion line.

This weekend, Rihanna shared a post on Instagram and Twitter featuring a group of diverse women standing behind a new shirt from her Fenty collection. The shirt reads “Immigrant” boldly across it. In her social posts, Rihanna made sure to tag Donald Trump throwing some major shade in his direction.


Rihanna claims the shirt is one of her favourites in her line. Her Tweet got over 100,000 retweets and her Instagram post received over a million and a half likes. So, you know this deff got Trump’s attention.

Rihanna released her second collection of her Fenty line this month. And amongst all the fitted skirts, boxy jackets, and classic luxurious Rihanna style, comes a much beachier and relaxed new line. This time she’s whipping’ out flowy dresses, beachy prints, and even a t-shirt that says “Barbados”.


Rihanna aims to remind everyone that she is an immigrant herself. She’s the one that Trump would aim to keep out of the US. So, she’s using her platform to address how fucked Trump’s policy on immigration is.

“For me, it’s a prideful word,” Rihanna told The Cut. “To know that you can come from humble beginnings and just take over whatever you want to, dominate at whatever you put your mind to. The world becomes your oyster, and there’s no limit.”

“Wherever I go, except for Barbados, I’m an immigrant. I think people forget that a lot of times. I think they see Rihanna the brand. But I think it’s important for people to remember, if you love me, everyone out here is just like me. A million Rihannas out there, getting treated like dirt.”

Seriously, good on you Rihanna. We love this energy. While conquering the fashion, music and beauty world, Rihanna doesn’t want you to forget where she came from.

Image source: @rihanna, @fentyofficial 

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