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Why You Should Go To A Bush Doof This Summer

As of late you may have seen bush doofs mentioned here and there, maybe a mate has mentioned that they’re going to one or maybe you found yourself reading about it on a trendy lifestyle website ( things are about to get meta af). Started in the early 90s and reportedly coined in 1992 when some bloke was knocking on the door of a party exclaiming “what is this doof doof doof I hear?”. Bush doofs are rising in popularity and here are a few reasons why.


Bush doofs are a spiritual sanctuary where the disconnect from reality allows you to observe your surroundings. Doofs attract open minded individual who for the most part are happy to share their experiences with those attending and also create new experiences throughout the festival. Tie this in with art installations, healing workshops and speakers covering a range of topics, these festivals open up a lot of opportunities.


With roots in Psytrance and all the wonderful sub-genres that stem from it, you will surely experience an eclectic offering of electronic sounds. Just imagine, 24 complete hours of psychedelic trance pulsating throughout you, feeding your spirit all night long. These days festival juggernauts such as Rainbow Serpent boast a huge international lineup but more intimate offering such as Labyrinth in NSW will provide you with great underground talent.


What is purely unique to these festival are their remote location. You’ll never find a doof position in the centre of your city or even a brisk drive away – No, not even close. A core element of bush doofs are their connectivity with nature; situated out in the bush or within someone’s private property prepare to immerse yourself in the bushlands without the luxuries of the city. The charm with these spots is how separated you are from everyday life, hell you can’t even update your facey status since you usually would have lost internet access well before arriving.


The doof life is that of a nomadic one, you all congregate in a single place for a short time and leave as if you never set foot on the land. At their very nature doofs are communal gatherings; people gather to celebrate positive experiences with the freedom to express their ‘true’ self. Amazingly at smaller bush doofs such as Rabbit Eat Lettuce, you’ll rarely find the festival douchebag that now populate Australia’s larger more commercial festivals. If you want the festival experience without having to adopt a festival persona, then the community created by a bush doof is what you want.

Now we are happy to paint you a picture of a bush doof with this article but to truly understand why these festivals are steadily rising, you will need to go out and experience one for yourself.

Image source: Rainbow Serpent Festival, Pranxer, Redbull.

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