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The Rise Of The Underground Rave

Becoming somewhat of a phenomenon across Australia, underground raves are a great option for a night out, especially if your city has a stranglehold on the nightlife – looking at you Sydney. Below are a few reasons to gather your squad and hunt for the precious gem that is your next underground rave.


The best thing about underground parties (other than the party itself) is the faithful community behind them. Usually run independently, you witness the effort put on by people who love to have a good time and want to share that experience with others. To be honest, there is little to no money gained from putting a rave on, so it’s great to see people doing something purely to bring some joy.


You’re not going to find a Billboard chart topper at an underground party, instead you will come across some of the best underground talent emerging in Australia. Some may use it as a launchpad to expand their sound into a wider audience while others are quite content with the underground circuit. Regardless, as Australia’s music scene is hard enough for any independent artists to make a living, it’s great to see spaces openly welcome new artists.


You will easily save $$$ if you can find a underground rave. The only real costs is a small cover charge to ensure there will be a follow-up party but other than that the rest of the night is covered. True ‘underground parties’ are BYO meaning you can bring along any booze that has been lingering at home.


Everyone present at these parties are there to have a good time and I don’t mean getting shit-faced and passing out on the gutter at 2am. People are here to socialise, dance to good music and ultimately enjoy the night. You many find the odd person who’s had a bit too much but there are usually people willing to give them a hand, as we’ve all been in that position before.


Prepare to sample some of the greatest abandoned warehouses, community centres or car parks in your area. It may be hard to believe that these spaces will house hundreds of people but the transformation from eyesore to party central is nothing but amazing.

If you’re keen to put in a little footwork, what you’ll find is a cheap, fun alternative to the costly nights out on the town. Get cracking now so you have a handy party schedule for the rest of the year. If you’re keen to check out a rave near you, Mantra Collective throw some legendary parties in Sydney twice a month. The next one is coming up July 29, so get amongst it.

Image Source: Mantra Collective.

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