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Robert Pattinson As Batman Confirms He’s Not The Guy He Used To Be

Patto’s gone from wizard to vampire, and now he’s donning the black cape…and we back it. There’s a new face in Gotham City, and despite my soul aching (just a little) that this casting marks the end of my Ben Affleck/Batman love affair, I think I can find it in me to feel optimistic about this new casting. Maybe…

Many sources floating about the movie-sphere have all but officially confirmed that ex-Twilight star Robert Pattinson is the likely casting to replace Ben Affleck in The Batman movie. The Matt Reeves’ superhero film is set to hit the big-screens in 2021, and whilst it’s obvs that this is a few lightyears away, it’s necessary that we indulge in the hype, anyway. Because really, this is a huge break from Patto’s low-scale castings and we feel like this Batman role essentially render him capable of any huge blockbuster role. This is only the beginning…

Pattinson’s (unconfirmed) casting renders him the youngest ever actor to play Batman. Whilst he’s certainly not the spring chicken he used to be (he’s approaching 33 big ones this year), I think he’ll bring a fresher face to The Batman film. But please, I will not tolerate any inklings of Edward Cullen and if I do, I will rage.

A casting like this is confirmation that Patto has left the filthy Twilight era in the distant past. The iconic role of Batman represents his progression as an actor, and after dabbling in a few low-key roles in a number of rom-coms and small scale films, it’s the stature of Matt Reeves’ The Batman that will lift Patto into A-league acting territory. Gone are the days of Team Edward, thank the lord, and we welcome the new Robert Pattinson with nothing but praise.

Sources: Robert Pattinson Facebook, @BrandonDavisBD Twitter. 

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