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Round Up All ‘Ya Crazy As Heck Single Mates Because ‘MAFS’ Applications Are Now Open

This season of Married At First Sight has been nothing short of a drama filled firestorm. It wouldn’t have been a killer season without a few of the token personalities that have fast become staple ingredients to any Aussie reality TV show. For a kicker season, combine the following ingredients and mix well:

  • The outspoken villain and all round bully – Ines
  • The firecracker with one heck of a temper – Cyrell
  • The genuine good guy you’d defs be stoked to marry – Cam
  • The playboy and mischief maker – Sam

Whilst we’re all about the never ending cat fights, partner swaps, juicy ‘chats’ and awkward as heck dates featuring less than average cheese platters, we still root for the couples in their quest for life-long love. The experts may know what they’re doing but a part of me doubts them…I mean c’mon, was slightly-off-the-rails Mel really ‘gonna settle for the mellowed out, yogie lover and meditation expert, Dino? I doubt it.

Since the show has such a great track record with match making, your chance to find love is HERE. Write up a sneaky app yourself OR round up ‘ya loveless mates and apply for next season’s MAFS now.

There could be a perfect match waiting for you at the end of the aisle. Or even better, you could launch into C-grade celebrity stardom and do a few radio gigs as you milk your five seconds of fame for far too long.

Image Source: Giphy, Nine Now. 

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