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RSCPA Rescue Animals Are All $29 This Weekend And Very Good Boys Need Loving Homes

Like there wasn’t any better reason to adopt a rescue animal who’s only demands are love, food and pats…all rescue animals at the RSPCA this weekend are $29. Whatever the animal’s age, size or species they’re all $29 and we’re all about it.

Each year over 32,000 animals find themselves homeless. The RSPCA accepts over 100 animals every day and whilst some are lucky enough to find themselves loving families to return to, others aren’t so lucky. It’s a sad, sad reality.

Thankfully, #ClearTheShelters makes it all the more easy to adopt a loving little creature. Much like in the past, they expect there to be an inundation of people looking to adopt so to avoid absolute chaos, the RSPCA are urging everyone to register their interest before checking out a shelter.

Cats like Frankie need a home.

So does Kiki.

So does Buttercup.

There are hundreds of more little treasures waiting for you to adopt and love furever.

Image Source: Unsplash, RSPCA New South Wales

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