Rumour Has It Johnny Depp Might Play Joker In The New Batman And Just, WHY?!


Johnny Depp is being considered for the role of the Joker in the upcoming Batman film starring Robert Pattinson, according to rumours reported by several tabloids (all without a direct source, so take it with a grain of salt).

This is, obviously, not a great idea. Why is this man still relevant? Why is he still getting (allegedly) considered for big roles? When will the film industry stop employing abusers? Can Johnny Depp please just fuck off? And also, why  on earth do we need another Joker?

In case you still have some shred of faith in Johnny Depp, or think he was an innocent in the abusive relationship he and Amber Heard shared – recent evidence has been released of Johnny Depp literally saying he would kill Amber Heard and then fuck her corpse. So, there’s your Hollywood hero proving to the world that he’s actually awful.

Yes, before you go off, I’m well aware that Amber Heard is also abusive. They’re BOTH abusive, NEITHER of them deserve roles in any media, and both of them can go fuck themselves – but specifically Johnny Depp at the moment considering his absolutely disgusting comments.

These latest rumours really spark the question – how could a man who is a known abuser still get potentially considered for coveted roles in films, and where is the outrage? And not just any role either, but the much sought-after iconic role of the Joker. And also, why do we need another Joker in the first place?

We Literally Don’t Need Another Joker, Let Alone Johnny Depp As One

From Heath Ledger’s brooding Joker, to Jared Leto’s creepy, weird lizard-face Joker, to Joaquin Phoenix’s sympathetic and complex Joker, we’ve gotten so much representation of this character in the past few years that we’re starting to get a bit sick of it. And also, can we just let Joaquin have the Joker title for a while? It hasn’t even been a year.

I can’t see how Johnny Depp can even add to the character, considering Jared Leto already tried to do the whole kooky thing that we typically associate with Depp’s characters (like Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka). The new Joker is supposed to be quite campy, like Black Mask in Birds of Prey, and that opens up a whole new can of worms about LGBT villainising.

The New Batman Would Be Making A Mistake By Including The Joker

The new Batman movie is being praised for its re-imagining of the Batmobile, so why cling to the ye old trope of the Joker? With an already unconventional casting of Robert Pattinson, why not take that a step further and use unconventional villains too, giving Batman a refreshing feel rather than an over-used, over-rated one.

As someone who has never liked Batman (imagining being a billionaire with the means to end the poor social conditions that create villains in the first place, but instead just beating people up and hoarding wealth), the casting of Robert Pattinson was enough to drag me in.

But alas, Johnny Depp’s potential involvement in these films, and the overdone Joker story-line, may prove again that Batman ain’t shit.

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