Rumour Has It That Dr Chris Brown May Be The Next Bachelor

Bachie has a type.

Now that Matty is old news (he broke Chelsie’s heart, therefore he is cancelled forever), discussions are rampant about who the next Bachelor star will be.

Reports from the Daily Mail and New Idea Magazine reckon that everyone’s favourite vet-turned-reality TV host (?) Dr Chris Brown is seriously considering the role after Channel 10 is apparently throwing all kinds of figures at him (according to a ‘source’… you know how it goes).

And, according to the same ‘source’, Chris is seriously considering the role.

Dr Chris Brown has been pretty private about his personal life. He’s told media in the past that he doesn’t like discussing his relationships, and generally prefers to keep things under wraps. So it would be a huge change to his lifestyle if he agreed to be the next Bachie – and let’s be real, the guy really wouldn’t find it difficult to score a girlfriend.

But TBH, I’m conflicted.

I remember when he was on Bondi Vet, and I was obsessed with this super handsome genuinely kind and caring guy, who really didn’t seem to care about fame, and was just here to help little critters who can’t help themselves.

But then he started hosting I’m A Celebrity, and it definitely felt like he was a bit of a sell out – the guy ditched his vet show to be more famous and I know that’s a totally unfair and reductive argument but I’m making it on behalf of my heartbroken tween self.

Reality Stars Are Ruining The “Integrity” Of The Bachelor

Now that I’ve got that trauma out of the way, let’s get onto the main argument here: STOP GIVING US REALITY STARS ON BACHIE. Is it so much to ask to just give us a regular cool dude? We want a nobody to fall in love with – not someone built and prepped to fit in the reality star box. It just gives way for lazy story-telling too – the show doesn’t have to make as much of an effort in developing the character for someone we already know.

Heaps of people couldn’t stand Matt Agnew on Bachie (myself included) because the whole thing felt disingenuous and overly produced – if he wasn’t acting like a media bot, then he was acting like school boy who just got presented with all his woman crushes ever (which, honestly, is not too far from the truth) and it was just cringe AF.

While Dr Chris Brown is waaaaaay more likeable than Matt Agnew, he’s so famous that it would feel disengenous to have him as The Bachelor. While we know these shows are for ratings, we like to FEEL like they actually have some semblance of substance and regard for romance, but having Chris just looks like a cash cow.

Bring back regular Aussie guys, who at least seem like they’re capable of love, and for fucks sake give us someone that ISN’T WHITE. PLEASE. DIVERSITY.

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