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Ryan Reynolds Is Playing Pikachu In The New Live Action Pokemon Movie…Umm, What?

The first trailer for the Detective Pikachu film releasing next year was dropped today and we’re mildly confused by Ryan Reynolds’ playing the role of Pikachu. Though a strange choice, this is 100% Reynolds’ cutest role. This being the first Pokemon live action film, we’re both excited and kinda weirded out.

The trailer gives a first look into the world of real life Pokemon that we all so wished was real. And they’re strangely fluffy…like all of them. Whilst some, like Pikachu and Jigglypuff are completely adorable, characters like Mr Mime are what nightmares are made of.

Detective Pikachu is set to release May 10, 2019 but has already been, although unfinished, screened to a handful of viewers who have given praise to the film and the impressive visual effects used to bring our favourite Pokemon to life (besides Mr Mime, literally fuck that.) In case you weren’t convinced, here’s a couple more horrifying images.

Although scared, confused and excited, we’re counting down the days till the release. Millions of adults’  are about to have their lives completed with Detective Pokemon and that’s what we’re happy about. We’re keen to go on this journey into the live-action realm of our favourite childhood (and adulthood) game ever.

Pokemon releases 10th May, 2019, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Image Credit: Nintendo

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