Saddle Up Punters: Here’s The Ultimate Melbourne Cup Drinking Game

Ahh, the Melbourne Cup. Any excuse to have a drink, really. At this point, the coverage is pretty predicatable, so we’ve come up with a few ways to get that drink down ya’. Whether you’re watching the big race at home, or you’re out soaking up the celebrations in a bar, this one’s bound to get you in the spirit (literally).

Skull your drink if:

The Horse You’ve Bet On Comes in the Top 3 or Bottom 3

Well, you’re either celebrating a rather large win or commiserating a rather large loss.

A Rider Falls Off Or Someone Pulls Out of the Race

This includes not even making it out the starting gate.

Take A Sip When:

The Camera Shows A Rugby League Player In The Tent

We’ll just keep our fingers crossed for no nudie action this time.

Anyone Mentions The Words ‘Racing Royalty’

Hope you’ve got a few drinks ready to go…

A Betting Advert Or Logo Is Shown

And a few more…

Some Drunk Person Makes An Absolute Tit Of Themselves On TV

Hahaha Sharon that wheelie bin is not a stripper pole. How embarrassing.

Take A Shot When:

The Horse You’ve Bet On Is Mentioned

Is having the favourite a good thing or a bad thing? You’ll soon find out.

A Not-That-Big-A-Deal C Grade ‘Celeb’ Is Interviewed

God know’s there’ll be plenty of these. Two sips if they’re relevant to a current reality tv show right now!

So folks, have a good time, win lots of money, and try to drink responsibly.

Image Sources: Randwick Racecourse, Betting Top 10

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