Sagittarius Strawberry Moon Came Out To Boost Your Love Life

We all needed a confidence boost this week, so thanks Strawberry Moon.

If you’ve been feeling a little off lately, it may be because a cosmic full moon has just passed. Everyone’s a little off their rocker – it’s not just you.

In case you missed it, Monday 17 June drew a Sagittarius ‘Strawberry Moon’, and its energy is leaving us all on the fritz of something empowering. But only if we let it. So if you’re feeling a bit more confident, don’t question it. It’s time to shoot for the stars.

WTF Is A Strawberry Moon?

Strawberry Moon is not your standard full moon. Yes, it’s full and beautiful with a romantic touch. However, experts claim this moon is a celestial phenomenon. Its effects are said to play a significant role on all of us for at least a few days.

Strawberry Moon has many names including Honey Moon, Mead Moon, Full Rose Moon, or Snow Moon, all of which are based on ancient European traditions. However, it’s most notable name, ‘Strawberry Moon,’ originates from the Native American tribe, Algonquin. The tribe uses this moon  as a signifier to that it was time to harvest wild strawberries (how cool), so that’s how it came to be. Unfortunately the moon didn’t turn strawberry coloured. That would be sick though.

How Will The Strawberry Moon Affect Us?

The Sagittarius sign is credited for being the sign of love and adventure. And with all that love and wanderlust happening, The Strawberry Moon is out to encourage you to make moves typically outside of your comfort zone.

Beaming through the universe comes the courage you need to actually do the things you’ve set out to do. It’s time to plan your holiday, take a weekend trip, ask a babe out, and even take on your passion project at work. Consider this moon a major boost, allowing you to do the things you’ve shrunk yourself out of doing.

As for your love life, now’s certainly time to take a risk. Consider role play, romantic vacays, or over the top gestures on the menu. That is, if you’re out to make the most out of The Strawberry Moon (which you should). If you’re struggling to pick a destination for a holiday, leave it up to the stars. And if you’re single, know you have love, wanderlust, and encouragement on your side.

Some signs will be more effected by this moon than others. So watch out for Geminis, Pisces, Virgos, and of course Sagittarii. If your star sign doesn’t fall in to one of those four, you’re still going to be effected by the moons energy, just at a slightly lower rate. But all in all, how you harvest the energy and your willingness to take risks is ultimately up to you.

Image Source: GIPHY, Unsplash.

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