Dear God Why? Some Monster Has Made A Salad Lasagne

What the fuck is this? Pasta is one of the few truly good things left in this world, and now someone’s gone and fucked with it. I’m appalled, I’m offended, I’m outraged. This image of a salad lasagne has turned up on reddit and I’m mad at it.

Salad lasagne from r/ATBGE

Just look at it. Visually it’s quite nice to look at. But in terms of overall idea, I hate it. I mean, there’s a reason why it’s on the thread Awful Taste, Great Execution. People on Twitter are also having plenty of feelings about this particular abomination.

And the incredibly succinct,

Salad Lasagne will haunt my dreams tbh. But also, mostly I just really want regular lasagne now.

*Dreams in Italian*

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