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Saturday Night Live’s Star-Studded Trump Impeachment Skit Has Us ROFLing So Hard

Trump calls upon Kanye, Kim Jong-un and Ray Donovan for help…

For those of us who have been keeping up with the whole Trump Impeachment saga, the whole ordeal has been one hell of a soap opera. If you aren’t entirely across the whole sitch, click here to read our recent article and catch up.  

I would expect nothing less than for Saturday Night Live to kick off their 45th season by making a mockery of the formal impeachment inquiry into the alleged corruption by President Donald Trump. And WHO ELSE at the helm than Alec Baldwin, a frequent impersonator of President on the American late night comedy show. Kate Mckinnon played attorney to the president Rudy Giuliani and played him SO WELL. If you don’t believe me, watch this compilation of Giuliani’s TV interviews this week, that are being ripped off in the skit.

The skit starts off with Giuliani asking the President, “Oh hi Mr. Trump, what’s new?”

To which Baldwin’s Trump replies, “What do you mean what’s new, Rudy, I’m being impeached. It’s the greatest presidential harassment of all time.”

This is a subtle hint at Trumpy’s LOL-worthy “PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT” tweet this week. Can someone cancel this man’s Twitter account?! Seriously.

The comedy act goes on to reveal Baldwin’s Trump reaching out for help from Kanye West, played by Chris Redd. Trump asks him, “Kanye, just tell me who you want out of jail this time; ASAP Rocky again? Or how about that little girl Teriyaki 69?”

Trump speaks Kim Jong-un played by newest cast member Bowen Yang. Jong-un’s advice is, “you have a big ocean in your country? Send your whistleblower to the bottom of there.”

Liev Schreiber also made a cameo as himself, taking a phone call from Baldwin who asks for Ray Donovan, the “fixer” of America’s elite. When Schreiber informs Trump that Donovan is just a character, Trump also asks for John Wick and Liam Neeson. (Classic.)

There are heaps more lols in there, you have to check it out for yourself.

Image Sources: GIPHY, NBC

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