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Science Says That Mr. Brightside Has Mood Boosting Powers

Turns out that the battle to be in the car DJ really is worth the struggle as apparently having power of the playlist can ultimately affect your brain. That’s right mates, research commissioned by Ford in partnership with Spotify and New York University has revealed that music has some super emotional powers, with certain songs having mood boosting power of up to two hours.

Amy Belfi, as neuroscientist from New York University said “what is particularly intriguing was that far from having to be ‘happy’, songs most likely have an uplifting effect could equally be brooding and melancholic”. So you know all those times driving to work belting out those Whitney Houston ballads, well they can really can kick start your day. And you know why; sad songs actually remind us of all the difficulties we have overcome.

“For many drivers, journey planning can be just as much about lining up the music you want to hear – as it is choosing the best route”, said Marcel Breker, engineer at Ford. So on that note, here are some of the songs that made the hit list.

Mr Brightside – The Killers

I mean, it’s a cult classic, and it always gets a crowd going. This is a song that you want to belt out the lyrics to, even if you aren’t completely sure of the meaning. The upbeat tempo is guaranteed to motivate you for the day ahead.

Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

Sultry and sexy, the song is captivating. It’s melancholy is perfect for home to work transition time.

Everybody’s Changing – Keane

Ah yes, this is one to pull on the heart-strings. It’s about losing a loved one. Slightly depressing I know, but a great song for a little reflection time.

The Winner Takes It All – Abba

Everyone loves a little Abba, the Swedish legends sure know how to make a love ballad. It is the perfect song for that in the car downtime when you’re heading home from work.

Shake It Out – Florence and the Machine

The ultimate break up song, it helps to send you into recovery mode. But as you’re now probably aware, another great song to boost the good endorphins and get you feeling uplifted.

Green Light – Lorde

Lorde’s up-tempo new hit makes you wanna jump out of the car and start dancing along the street side walks. It’s the perfect song to get you pumped on your upcoming Splendor road trip.

What Went Down – Foals

If this song doesn’t get you geed up, well I don’t know what will. With killer drums and smashing guitars, this sure is a mood booster that’s gonna get you going for the day ahead.

You can check out the full playlist here.

Image Source: YouTube.

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