ScoMo Announces 3-Step Plan For COVID Safe Australia By July, Good Luck Trying To Understand It

Honestly, what?

Just when we thought that good ol’ ScoMo couldn’t get more confusing during all of this coronavirus panic, he has just announced a 3 step plan to ease up on restrictions that aims to get everything back up and running by July, but honestly, it’s pretty confusing.

Step 1

You’d be allowed to have five people visit your home, and have 10-person gatherings in public spaces; restaurants, cafes and shops would reopen, along with libraries, playgrounds, and community centres; and local and regional travel would be allowed. “This first step is crucial”, says Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy, as they’ll be looking at the data to see if there’s is a spike in infection after the gentle reopening. This will happen at different times in different states, depending on what the infection rates are like. Some states are in the position to begin step one as of now, however in states like NSW and VIC where rates of infection and the number of active cases are still high, the state premiers are not yet ready to make a decision. These will most likely be the last two states to reopen.

Step 2

Gatherings of 20 would be allowed both in the home and in public spaces; gyms beauty services, cinemas, galleries, amusement parks, and camping grounds to reopen; and some interstate travel would be allowed. This would be about a month after step 1 goes well. In both steps 1 and 2, working from home is still the ideal, and if it works for you and your employer, keep working from home. Some outbreaks are expected by the Prime Minister during steps 1 and 2, but he and the Chief Medical Officer are “confident that our health system can deal with it”.

Step 3

Gathering sizes to increase to 100 people; everyone to return to work; nightclubs, food courts and saunas to reopen; all interstate travel would be allowed; and Cross-Tasman, Pacific Island, and international student travel would be considered. This step would of course take the longest to reach, but the PM hopes that Australia will be able to get here by July. Bit soon don’t you think, mate?

Miscommunication Between Leaders

So, the PM is set on these 3 steps being completed by July, but has said that it will be up to the state and territory governments to decide when they implement each step. But he still wants kids to return to face-to-face teaching now, but the Victorian Premier has reiterated the fact that he isn’t ready to give a decision on schools yet, and wants schools to assume that they’ll be teaching and learning from home for term two. He went on to say “if you get it wrong, it could potentially cost lives” in response to relaxing restrictions too soon, and the Australian public seems to agree.

What are we supposed to believe here? And how can gyms possibly open before food courts? Surely gyms should be one of the last to reopen, right? The order that they’ve decided to reopen in just doesn’t make sense.


Image Source: Scott Morrison Facebook Page

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