ScoMo Just Got Egged And This Is The World We Live In Now

A 25 year old woman just tried to egg Scott Morrison at the Country Women’s Association election in Albury.

A video shows her with a red beanie – and a whole six pack of eggs. Apparantly she missed though, and the egg kinda boinked him and flew over his head. It didn’t even break when it hit the floor, and was actually found and picked up by someone else.

The woman was then taken out of the event and arrested, and now she’s in custody.

The PM’s not too happy, calling the activist “cowardly” and her behaviour “thuggery.”

The protester wasn’t actually part of the Country Women’s Association. When she was asked about violence, she said that egging was the “least harmful thing you could do.”

More to come.

Image Source: Twitter @ScottMorrisonMP, @JakeMLyle, Facebook @ScottMorrison4Cook

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