ScoMo Says Having The COVIDSafe App Is The Equivalent Of Putting Sunscreen On


It’s a big claim, but it’s true, with ScoMo announcing today that basically the new COVIDSafe app is the most essential of all things that are… essential.

During his press conference today, the PM literally gave about a ten minute address as to why the new app is absolutely needed to get over the COVID hill. And yes, apparently the new tracking app is the Banana Boat, SPF saviour we need in our lives right now.

He also said that nearly three million people had already downloaded the COVIDSafe app, but that we need “millions and millions” more in terms of sign ups for it to be effective.

And the controversial new app has certainly caused some additional uncertainty, as people and politicians, ultimately try to decide if the new app is a privacy concern or not.

So where do you stand with it? It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of things going on right now, to think I don’t need the government tracking my life.

I mean personally my life is pretty much get up from my desk at home, go to the bathroom, open the fridge, open the cupboard, look out the window like a true-wannabe-crime-detective, then repeat about 18 times. So I’ve downloaded the COVIDSafe app, mainly in the hopes that this will help us moved forward and overcome the virus quicker.

But I can understand that a lot of people are edgy about it. It’s the government, they don’t exactly have a great track record, and it’s a big moment when you even consider the idea of voluntarily giving them your every movement.

If you’re still uncertain, not too keen on sharing your privacy with the government, check out the thread below – which is one of the better ones I’ve read explaining the app/privacy.

Image Source: Scott Morrison Facebook Page

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