ScoMo Says Landlords Will Need To Make Sacrifices For Tenants, Four-WTF-Metre Indoor Distancing

Common sense.

In ScoMo’s latest address and press conference to the nation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve got more announcements about how we go about our daily lives. Including news about rent/landlords, as well as a 4-metre gap for ANY indoor gatherings under 100 people (wtf).

But the big notice point for young Aussies like me, will probs be the whole rent and living situation. While there was no specific rebate like in NZ, or a freeze on bills (boo), ScoMo did say that this was a time in which landlords need to be understanding (I guess whatever that means?!).

Hopefully it means that landlords, real estates and other rental owners are more relaxed when it comes to rent. It remains to be seen if specific government support will be provided though for renters right now.

In another wtf moment, ScoMo also said that for indoor gatherings under 100 people, those people should have a 4-square-metre gap between anyone around them (BRO DO U THINK WE REMEMBER YEAR 5 MATH??).

In this presser, he also announced that schools and universities will remain open – the irony of teachers teaching math equations while having to practice a 4-metre distancing is real.

Sadly, one thing he kept (and keeps) on mentioning is the almost minimum 6-months setting for all these new rules. Of course, these could legit change at any moment – but it looks bleak at the moment. Let’s hope this travel ban/border lockdown does something, or really just anything to help right now would be very welcome to be honest.

Image Source: Scott Morrison Facebook Page Live Stream

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