ScoMo Tells Aussies Not To Attend Protests This Weekend, Cue More Agenda-Driven BS

Here’s another double standard.

Once again, old mate ScoMo has backflipped on protests in Australia.

When students around the country were protesting the Morrison Government’s lack of climate action policy, they were called anarchists. Then, three weeks ago when some Aussies were protesting coronavirus lockdown restrictions, Morrison smirked and flippantly said that it was a free country.

Now, with a number of protests set to take place over the weekend against Indigenous deaths in custody in Australia, people should refrain from protesting because of the threat of coronavirus. Don’t get me wrong, of course I understand the concerns surrounding the number of people planning on attending protests this weekend. We’re almost rid of coronavirus in Australia, and no one wants to go backwards.

The lockdown protest a few weeks ago was during the height of the pandemic when case numbers in Australia were still really high. But the government apparently wasn’t worried about those people sparking more cases. What’s the difference with that protest and the ones this weekend?

ScoMo’s Double Standard, Part II

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the PM’s double standard when it came to protests in Australia. I said it then and I’ll say it again. “What this double standard shows is that protests are allowed, as long as their argument matches the government’s view on the matter.”

Three weeks ago, the government wanted to get the economy up and running again, and get people back to work. The protestors didn’t want to be locked in their homes anymore. So the government understood that it was “a difficult time” for people, and “people will make their protests in their own way”.

But 400+ Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991 and continued systemic racism isn’t “a difficult time” for people? It’s not the right kind of protest? It’s a double standard, again.

The States Disagree On Protests

The NSW police commissioner lodged an injunction with the Supreme Court against the protest due to be held in Sydney tomorrow. NSW State Premier, Gladys Berejiklian is fully supportive of the commissioner and the arrests that could follow.

The commissioner has said that even if the Supreme Court allows the protest, if more than 500 people attend then the police are able to start making arrests. But, they’re still trying to have the protest in Sydney ruled as illegal.

Protestors in Melbourne and Brisbane have been warned that they could face fines for breaking social distancing rules.

Meanwhile, in South Australia, the SA police commissioner has granted an exception to COVID-19 restrictions, so that the protest can take place.

Be Safe, Be Aware

The organisers of these protests are doing everything they can to keep people safe from coronavirus and are reminding everyone to socially distance and wear masks. And remember, if you’re feeling sick, stay at home! Every event I’ve seen for these protests has had this written in the description.

If you are planning on attending any of the protests across the country this weekend, please stay safe, be aware, and be prepared. The police will be looking for reasons to hand out fines and make arrests, so make sure you’re socially distancing and are wearing a mask to stop the spread of coronavirus.

There have been protests in Australia before where tear gas has been used, so just in case, bring protective eye gear and milk (neutralises capsicum of the pepper spray). Wear comfortable shoes, and don’t share photos of protestors faces.

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