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I Need A Minute To Recover From Shakira And JLo’s Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show

The hips really, really don’t lie.

I have all at once been slain and given life by Shakira and JLo’s half-time performance at the Super Bowl. And so has the rest of the world.

Oh my goodness gracious, what a fucking vibe that performance was.

From the moment Shakira and Jennifer Lopez were announced as headliners for the Super Bowl LIV Halftime show, the world knew that the two would bring some serious Latino excellence. And they did not disappoint.

Shakira kicked off the night – and booted my soul with it – with ‘She Wold’, followed by a medley of her greatest hits. And you best believe that ‘Whenever, Wherever’ and ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ were in there.

She then brought out Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny for a remixed rendition of ‘I Like It’ – as in Cardi B’s bop. And, tbh, I want this version yesterday.

We have no choice but to worship at the shrine of Shakira.

But before we had time to catch our breath, JLo emerged on a pole. That’s right, on top of a MF pole to bust into ‘Jenny from the Block’ and ‘Aint it Funny’.

She was on to the next hit with ‘Get it Right’ and ‘Waiting for Tonight’ (which basically looked like the 1999 music video, green lasers and all) during which she showed off her unreal pole-dancing skills she picked up on the set of Hustlers.

‘Dinero’ and ‘On the Floor’ were next before she was joined by J Balvin for a mash-up of ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’, ‘Que Calor’, and ‘Mi Gente’ (DJs around the world are quaking)

And then, perhaps in the cutest – but also the most powerful moments of the night – JLo’s daughter led a young choir in a slowed-down version of ‘Let’s Get Loud’ (a bop in itself), and ‘Born in the USA’

Shakira hit the drums, and JLo gave her daughter Emme the spotlight, leading a choir in a slowed-down version of ‘Let’s Get Loud’ (with a hint of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born in the USA’). Emme began her cameo in a cage – a call-out to the POTUS keeping children locked up on the Mexico-USA border – before joining her mother on the main stage.

I should note, JLo was draped in a fluffy half-American-half-Puerto-Rican flag – so this was definitely a dig at Latinx members facing deportation (despite being, literally, ‘Born in the USA’) and their mislabelling as ‘illegal’ immigrants or illegitimate Americans.

The girl gang ended the performance with a rendition of Shakira’s 2010 FIFA World Cup bop ‘Waka Waka’, which was the nail in the coffin I’m taking to my early grave.

It was a truly history-making performance by the two most powerful Latinas in entertainment – the first ever to headline the Super Bowl halftime stage.

It was a celebration of all things Latinx culture, of the language, of female power, of their insane talents (hello, these women are double my age and moving better than I could dream).

I need a moment to recover. No one talk to me for a while, I need time to process the greatness of that performance.

Image Sources: Twitter (ABC News)

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