Shiver Me Timbers! New Pirate Boat Bar Is Sailing Into Sydney This Summer

Thar she blows! The Smugglers Ship pop-up bar is sailing the Sydney tides this summer. If you’re a fan of pirates and getting your drink on, this is the pop-up bar to tickle your fancy.

Chuck on your finest eyepatch and peg-leg, and join Captain Blackheart and the crew for a completely immersive pirate experience. You and your mateys are invited to a 90 minute harbour adventure, discovering hidden booty (no, not that kind) and drinking the finest rum the seas have to offer.

A full selection of drinks and snacks will be on board to stop you from scurvy (and drunchies). You’ll be cruised around Sydney harbour on an authentic 1700’s pirate ship, in case you were struggling to get into character.  

Tickets are super limited and after that it’s straight to Davy Jones Locker. You may as well be walking the plank if you’re missing out on this opportunity.

​Be the first to get your hands on this fine bounty by signing up at the Smugglers Ship website

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