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Signs That It’s Time To Rethink Your Degree

There’s so much pressure to pick the right degree. As our favourite 90’s cartoon character Daria said, “my goal is not to wake up at forty with the bitter realisation that I’ve wasted my life in a job I hate, because I was forced to decide on a career in my teens.”

She’s got a point. So many people at uni think they’ve chose the wrong degree and have transferred to one they’re more suited to. With uni going back and many people starting uni for the first time, even more of us will be wondering if we chose the right degree. Are you unsure about yours? Here are some signs it’s time to reconsider your degree.

You Picked Your Degree Because Your Friends And Family Said You Should

Did you talk to your family and friends about what you wanted to study? Rookie mistake. This gives your friends and family the opportunity to talk you out of what you want. “Can you really make a career for yourself studying art?” was a question I got asked a few times when I told my family I wanted to study art. Then when I decided to do a different degree, I got asked the same question. If you’re studying something you’re not interested in just because your family thinks you should, ask yourself if you are actually enjoying it. If you’re not, it’s time to reconsider.

You Chose Your Degree Because You Think It’ll Make You A Lot Of Money

Most of us decide to study because we want to make money and think having qualifications will result in us earning more. Some degrees are known for being high paying and there are heaps of articles out there about the highest earning majors, but if you’re not interested in the field, is the money worth it? According to people that say “money can’t buy happiness” the answer is no. Don’t let money be your motivator. It’s better to be earning less than other fields in a job you love, than making lots of money doing a job you hate.

You’re More Interested In Your Electives

If you’re finding your electives more engaging than your core units, you should ask yourself why that is. Are your core units too challenging? Or do you just hate your degree so much that your electives feel like freedom? Whatever the reason may be, you should really reconsider your degree. If you do decide to transfer to the degree the electives originated from, those electives will count towards your new degree.

You Hated Interning

Did you intern and hated the work they asked you to do? This might be a glimpse into the future. If you didn’t like doing the work 2-3 days a week as an intern, imagine doing it from nine to five, five days a week. Does the thought of that terrify you? Rethink that degree.

You’re Not Producing The Grades For Your Course

Are you flunking? Maybe it’s because you’re not that interested in what you’re studying. A lack of motivation can really get in the way of success. If your degree isn’t what you expected it to be, or you’ve decided something else is better for you, why accumulate more HECS debt doing something you don’t even like? You’re in debt anyway, what’s a little more if you’re transferring to a degree you’ll love?

Your degree should be what makes you happy, nobody else. If you’re having second thoughts about what you’re studying, have a serious think about it, or talk to your career advisor for options and remember you come first. You’ve got a lot of working years ahead of you, might as well make them enjoyable.

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