He's Just Not That Into You

All The Signs You’re Not Ready For A Committed Relationship

Everyone knows the deal. You’re seeing someone; it’s been pretty casual, maybe a hang once a week. It’s been a few months and all of a sudden you’re confronted with the idea “is it finally time to get serious with this person?” You dwell on it. Ask yourself, your friends, your neighbour, the stranger at the park, “am I really ready to be in a committed relationship?” If you’re feeling confused about whether you’re ready to take the next step, have a little think about some of the below.

You’re Prioritising Other Things Over Your New Love Interest

A telling sign that you might not be ready to take the next step is that your new flirt simply doesn’t make the top of your priority list. Juggling work, study, mates and family already deems difficult enough, but no one can deny, when you got it hot for someone, you’ll do anything to even get five minutes with them. If you’re finding yourself staying back late at the office in order to avoid a planned date or changing a solo adventure into a group outing, you know somethings not right. It’s totally fine that they’re ranking is a little lower, but be clear about it, otherwise commitment will come back to haunt you.

Yarning On About An Ex

If you constantly find yourself bringing up your ex or even comparing your new love interest to an ex, well buddy take a step back. Jumping into a committed relationship isn’t going to make your feelings about your ex disappear. Take a step back and analyse what closure you need from your past relationship. Take a little more time to enjoy your singledom and work out when you think you might be ready to commit again. Let’s be real, your new date doesn’t want to hear about how you and your ex used to take sunset walks along the beach before it all tuned to sh*t.

You Don’t Feel The Compatibility

So you met on Tinder, they’ve come on super strong and there is no denying they’re keen on you. Only to realise that you really don’t feel the same chemistry in return… As heartbreaking as it may be, there is absolutely no point taking the next step into a relationship if you don’t feel a real spark. Ending up in a real commitment with someone you see no more than a good bang is not the start of a long future together.

You Just Wanna Be Single

It might just be as simple as you don’t want to be in a relationship at the moment. Dating and having a cheeky little bit of fun is just enough for you at the moment. Be sure to be honest and upfront to the person you’ve been seeing. If you just have that feeling in your gut that commitment is too overwhelming at the moment, then go with it.

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