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Simple Fashion Hacks For Your Next Festival

It’d be silly to pretend like you don’t care about your outfit game for the next music fest on your calendar. Yeah look, a lot of it is rubbish and these days about 80% of guys and gals where slightly edited versions of the same get up.

But festivals are a place to be, and I don’t know about you, but I feel more comfortable when I am wearing stuff I like. So here are a few ‘lil hacks to up your festival fashion game, without spending heaps of cash or looking like the basic Coachella vibe.

Small Touches Are Memorable

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I once saw a guy wearing a faded baseball hat that said Yeezy Taught Me along with a cartoon icon of Kanye. It was simple as, but fun and if I’ve remembered it, I’m sure others did (Dat Hat Life have a few decently priced pop-culture worthy hats.) So be smart, and add small touches to your wardrobe. Ladies, think bracelets, pins for your overalls and chains that aren’t too big or heavy. Gents, go for printed tees, bandanas (tie around your wrist) and hats that won’t break the bank.

Invest In Decent Sunnies

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It’s just smart healthcare to make sure you have a decent pair of sunnies for your festival of choice. But, of course they play an important part in your own aesthetic. Try to stick with frames that aren’t too heavy, and nothing beats that made-for-summer tortoise feel. Maui Jim have a solid range of summery shades, but if there is one thing you do, treat them like cash. Nothing worse than loosing a favourite pair of glasses just because you left them dangling out of your pocket whilst raving to Dune Rats.

Go Floral

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If you tend to be pretty lazy and not too fussed about what you wear (but still want a good look), floral is always the answer. Whether it’s a tee or thin dress, maybe even a long sleeve shirt folded up, or a floral top tucked into a denim skirt, it will never let ‘ya down. If you’re happy to spend some $$ for a quick solution and minimal effort, your local online stores like The Iconic and ASOS will sort you out rather quickly, and H&M has a relatively cheap answer for both guys and girls if you prefer a wander in-store.

Put Some Outfit Thought Into It

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Seriously it won’t take you much time. Pop down to your closest vintage store of op shop and just browse for a little bit. Match a white tee with white shoes, even do the denim on denim look (never been more in since Britney and JT), replicate a look you love online, or go with the pop culture references that always suit festivals (ie think Seinfeld, Star Wars, Daria, Degrassi, Kanye, Kim K, Stranger Things etc.)

Or even use certain eras, TV shows or music to help your group and you decide. You could so easily go retro with a 70s look, or get some tie-dye’s for the “yeah we’re simple and couldn’t be fkd” vibe. Either way, a little bit off effort will make the Instagram post a bit more memorable.

Image Source: NYE In The Park, Kai Godeck / 10RF Media @snapped_by_kai, Katherine Woods / @k.a.vv

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Lexi is an op-shopper who would much rather spend on used floral dresses than Gucci, gang. Lover of a sneaky rave or disco dance floor, and of course doggos are a must.

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