Single’s Guide: How To Fall In Love With Your Own Life

Singledom is so fleeting. Honestly, one minute you’re cooking up a heap of dirty nachos for one, about to settle in for a night of cheap reality TV. The next you’re sitting at the table with another person across from you, eating food that’ll actually sustain you. Probably having a conversation (or tiff) about the correct way to pack food into Tupperware containers. While being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, there’s definitely potential to fall in love with your single life.

Remember That You Have Ultimate Freedom

If you want to pack up and move to a different state or country, you can do that without having to think about someone else. I’ve moved between three different states because I’ve been chasing opportunity for the past four years. Why? Because I could and it was infinitely easier due to the fact that I didn’t have to factor in someone else’s opinions. You’re able to spread out on the bed without hesitation or apology. You don’t have to groom yourself every third day (unless you enjoy doing that?) You can embrace being your purest form of self.

Remember That You Don’t Have To Cater Your Tastes

If you want to go to Vinnies and buy an assortment of cups, jugs and random artwork, you’re able to do that. This may seem like a really random quirk of being single, but a relationship requires you to merge your tastes together. Your entire bedroom can be a reflection of you. This includes the stuffed animal you still sleep with on a regular basis.

Be Selfish

On the surface this can sound pretty horrible. But being single is the only time in your life where you get to go full throttle with this sort of attitude. You can think about your feelings and what your wants are and go for it. You can be selfish on a night out, or maybe you want to eat an entire pizza. If you’re single you don’t have to share or care.

Learn To Be Content By Yourself

Being content while being on your own is like a weapon. It means you become so comfortable with yourself that you’re able to adapt and live your life however and wherever you want to. You also get the added advantage of knowing that when the time comes that a partner comes along, you’re able to coexist with one another and maintain your own life in the process.

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