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Sneaky Skills You Should Definitely Master Before Moving Out

Oh boy, moving out of home! Equal parts exciting and daunting. So many things you think you can do, only to realise you need to have a quick consult with mum. Thankfully, Google is now like the stand-in parent. Heck, I had to use Google to find out how to organise my first doctor’s appointment after moving out of home. But until machines completely take over, Google can’t do everything for you. So here’s a few skills that you should have up your sleeve before you fly the coup.

Have At Least Two Meals You Can Cook

I once heard it said that being an adult is knowing how to cook an egg three different ways. I’d go a step further, and say it’s being able to cook two meals without a recipe book. One of them could even be an omelette, so there you go! You’ve ticked off one meal, and one egg-cooking technique. The skill will save you when you’re overwhelmed for choice at the grocery store. If you have two base recipes down, it opens up a lot of doors for variations on the same meal, so you’ll never get too bored.

Know Your Appliances

I moved out of home at the age of 19, and I had never, once, washed my own clothes. Spoilt? Perhaps. But more than that, pretty idiotic of me for not knowing how to operate a washing machine. It sounds simple, but it’s incredibly useful to familiarise yourself on how to operate appliances, and what all those indecipherable symbols mean on your microwave or oven. Each machine is different, of course, but if you know the basics you’ll hopefully never turn a white shirt pink.

How to Buy Groceries

My first shopping experience after moving out consisted of me desperately seeking out the brands I knew my parents bought. Obviously, this is just not affordable on minimum wage. The next grocery shop was with a grindr date (romantic, I know), and he laughed at my frivolous and somewhat naive spending. I quickly got a lesson on grocery shopping budgeting. Always look for deals, and seek out the best price per kilogram.


Honestly, my boyfriend would say that I am still very much learning this skill. It helps to have some basic cleaning knowledge, like what to use on what surfaces, and what helps get red wine out of carpet (white vinegar and dishwashing liquid). In my opinion, the all-in-one cleaner spray and a good cloth are suitable for every spill, but that’s sure to divide some people. Even just learning how to vacuum is an important life lesson – and honestly vacuums aren’t that expensive of an investment, especially when moving in with a few friends). I’m willing to learn!

Managing Money

I won’t lie, I don’t exactly have this step down pat. Managing finances is, without a doubt, the hardest part of Being an Adult. Try your best to stick to a budget plan, and at the very least, set up some direct debits so you’re never late on bills or regular payments. It’s easy to do and will save you a lot of hassle further along the track. As far as spending goes, I can only offer ‘spend within your means’, though my credit card bill tells me I, myself, am doing quite the opposite.

Home Furnishing

Look, technically, you could buy good furniture from a fancy home store but chances are, at some point you will either:
A. Fight with your shitty roommate and move out.
B. Get a partner and move out.
or C. Have the house you’re residing in change owners and move out. Nothing is more inconvenient than lugging about furniture, so make it easy on yourself, get to IKEA and flatpack that shit up every time. Gumtree is also a great alternative for quality furniture at a fraction of the price.

At the end of the day, there’s going to be a lot of trial and error when moving out for the first time. We can only hope that these tips help you in some way before you take the plunge. Kick back in that IKEA chair you’ve built yourself, and look proudly around your new humble abode. You did it.

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