Slap One Of These Face Masks On, Support Local Brands, And Look Good While You’re At It

Mask, mask, fashion, baby.

Face masks are the hot new fashion item of 2020.

Some of us have had a crack at making our own – which we love to see – but not all of us are as crafty (or have the patience, hand-eye co-ordination, or tools and material to DIY some PPE for ourselves.

And that’s where we come in to share some of our fave mask-making brands for you to shop. Better yet, since we’re all about supporting local businesses (who are doing especially tough at the moment), these are all 100% Australian-owned so you can feel extra-good about your purchase.

Look good, feel good, and be safe. That’s what it’s all about.

Clothing The Gap.

The Aboriginal-owned and led brand and social enterprise, Clothing the Gap, is selling masks that are 100% Australian-made (in Victoria) with locally-sourced fabric and recyclable materials.

Each mask is double sided (but you should wash it before flipping it) and come with a totally recyclable and resealable storage bag for whenever you’re not wearing it.

We love to see it.

The Social Studio

The Social Studio is protecting us from COVID-19 and empowering Australia’s migrant and refugee workers through education and employment. Buying a mask is a win-win.

With three layers of breathable, washable, fashionable fabric (in Small or Large sizes), and comfortable and adjustable elastic straps, these masks do the hard work so you can get on with your day in (safe) style. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about missing out, The Social Studio restocks their masks everyday at 9am and midday.

Sister Works

If you want to know that the proceeds from your purchase are going towards a worthy cause – like supporting refugee and migrant women – check out SisterWorks.


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Based in Melbourne, this not-for-profit social enterprise supports refugee, migrant, and women seeking asylum in Australia by “connecting them with local organisations for education, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities”. Wholesome? Yes. Protective? Yes. Fashionable? Yes.

The website also offers Face Mask Care Packs and Self-Care Packs that you could (and 100% should) treat yourself or your loved ones to.

Honest Studios

For an extra-touch of environmental friendliness, give the mother-daughter duo at Honest Studios a crack. The duo use surplus fabrics from fashion houses to create sustainable (and chic) designs. So if you want to be protected and not be just another masked face in the crowd, these reusable masks are for you.

Or, Get Around Etsy.

There are so many crafty people around the country who have been pedalling away at their sewing machines to stitch together some very cute and very functional face masks. Some have made so many that they’re starting selling them on Etsy.

They come in all kinds of patterns, colours, fabrics, styles, and prices; so they’re perfect for any budget and any fashion and safety need.

Image Sources: Instagram (@clothingthegap, @honeststudios, @clearcollective)

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