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Small Things You Can Do To Stay Fit & Healthy When You’re Too Busy For The Gym

Because really, who actually has the time?

Ah the gym. Our most loved and hated friend, the polarising need in our lives that we often neglect.

And you’ve heard the cliche stuff:

“Go to the gym and you’ll have so much more energy!”
“New year, new me!”
“Your life will change so much when you exercise regularly!”
“Don’t you want that summer bod?!”
“All you have to do is workout three times a week!”

It’s all around us, yet amidst our busy and regularly time-poor lives, it’s easy to understand why getting to the gym regularly can be a bit of a struggle. Whether work is keeping you chained to the desk, uni assignments are killing all your optimism or the hundreds of other stresses, we ain’t blaming you if your relationship with the gym is a bit rocky.

But don’t worry friends, even if you and the gym are on a bit of a Ross and Rachel break, there are small things you can do everyday to keep fit and healthy.

Walk Everywhere

You know that friend you have that eats burgers every second day, yet you almost never see them at the gym? Well often it’s because they walk A LOT, and have that natural energy and motivation.

Having a walk-everywhere mindset is actually super positive, and studies have proved that walking is not only the most popular form of physical activity in Oz, but reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. When you’re super time-poor, walking to get lunch or to eliminate transport is a way to keep your body active without having to go all out at the gym.

Eat A Lot Of Greens

You’re only as good as what you eat, as we’ve heard so much about (almost annoyingly.) But it is true, and it’s actually a lot easier to incorporate regular greens into your diet.

If you’ve been busy, buy frozen veg packs at the supermarket that you can toss into a stir fry, replace rice with spinach and beans to go with your chicken, or make a dressed up salad the main part of your lunch with some tuna.

It ain’t all doom and gloom friends.


Habits are everything, and making one of a healthy mind is one that’ll translate to your physical state. We often hear so many good things about meditating from the small percentage who actually do it, but never get around to it ourselves. Sound familiar?

Well if you fall into that category, try and make it a priority if the rest of your exercise levels are low. All you need is 15 minutes every day or two to sit down and essentially clear your thoughts. Not only will you feel fresh and relaxed, but mediation actually helps you lose weight.


Similar to meditation, stretching and yoga is something you don’t need to commit a huge amount of time to do. Loosening up those limbs of yours in fact is sometimes better than exercising at all. A study by the Mayo Clinic in 2017  told us that things like high intensity interval training and yoga can stop you ageing and even repair the cells that repair that fine bod of yours.

So even if it’s a 15-30 minute session while simultaneously watching Married At First Sight, just loosening up could do your body wonders.

If you’re not getting to the gym or exercising as much as you’d like to, that’s totally fine and in fact, pretty normal. You can still be super healthy and fit without going to the gym everyday, just start with small steps that’ll get you going. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, chat to a mate about it, check out headspace for some thought starters to get back on track, or check out their fitness fact sheet for a tonne of tips. Sometimes all you need is a bit of a helping hand to get back to it!

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