Smith’s Is Giving Us Lamington Flavoured Chips This Week And IDK How to Feel

Just, why?

Yes, that’s right – lamington flavoured chips are coming to Australia, and I don’t know why.

Now look, we’re all pretty familiar with Lay’s funky taste – these are the guys that gave the world blueberry and coffee flavoured potato chips.

But now, reports have been going around that Smith’s is doing their own funky flavour – specifically, a limited edition Aussie Lamington flavour.

Although PepsiCo, the owners of Smith’s, have refused to confirm or deny the rumours of these chips to various news sites, last week the Daily Mail interviewed Hazem Sedda, owner of world-renowned Redfern Convenience Store, who said he would be the first in Australia to be selling the flavour. His store was also the first in Australia to sell the much coveted Caramilk chocolate bars, so I reckon we can trust him.

Sedda posted the news on his Instagram, despite PepsiCo’s refusal to comment on if the flavour exists. Oops. I don’t think PepsiCo have caught on to the little slip, as they seem to be trying to keep up an air of mysteriousness.


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Strewth what a Beaut . Smith’s Lamington limited edition, FAIR DINKUM……IT’S LAMINGTON . We are so excited . We will have them on stock on Wednesday or Thursday 5th the latest . We will keep you updated. #redfern #redfernconveniencestore #redfernnow #redfernhood #redfernlyf #redfernsydney #dreamcometrue #dream #food #foodlover #foodie #foodies #bestfood #friend #like4like #hazemisalegend #walloffame #follwer #follwers #customers #customer #new #smithalamington @smiths_chips_aus @jbmetrodistributors @convenienceworldmagazine

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My question is just, why?! I’m all for sweet and salty combos – chocolate chips awakened a primal part of me I didn’t know I had.

But honestly, lamingtons are overrated as it is. Desiccated coconut is a food trend that needs to go, and to turn that into a potato chip is just wrong. And then to use the same purple packet as the salt and vinegar chips, arguably the WORST chip flavour in history, to market this design? No.

I’m not excited for these new lamington flavoured chips at all, but I know some of you heathens will be – so if this flavour tickles your pickle, head on over to Redfern Convenience Store later this week. You never know what you’ll find!

Image Sources: Instagram @redfern_convenience_store

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