Sydney Bushfires Smoke Is So Bad It’s Basically Like Smoking 30 Cigarettes A DAY

It looks like it’ll be awhile before the blue sky properly returns.

The Aussie bushfire crisis has been massively devastating to the lives of people around the country as well as the huge amount of wildlife and bushland that we’ve lost. The enormous amount of smoke that has been produced by the fires has even reached the coast of NZ. But lately it’s posing a serious hazard as it hangs around our major cities and regional centres.

The ABC reported that the air quality was so bad in Sydney yesterday it was the equivalent to smoking around 30 cigarettes. The widespread fires across NSW and Queensland drove air quality in Brisbane to the point where it was worse than Beijing.

Even the nation’s capital has copped a drop in air quality thanks to massive bushfires burning just across the border.

The best option seems to be to stay indoors until the smoke finally moves on, so take care of your lungs people.

Image Source: @melisahenderson

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