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Snapchat Has A New Age Filter In Case You’re Not Over That Elderly Fad Yet

I’m still going to look fire by the time I reach 60, thnx Snap x

Forget just making yourself look old – now you can literally see what you will or have looked like at every stage of your life. Or Snapchat’s version thereof. The pic messaging app rolled out it’s new lens today, which lets you take the selfie of a lifetime (literally).

After the whole make-yourself-look-older app, you’d think the age defying lenses would’ve had their day. I mean, we’ve had the baby lens on Snap for awhile already. But not gonna lie, speeding through every age like a fake time lapse sounds kinda fun.

Have a squiz:

I mean look, it’s interesting, it’s fun, and I’m sure everyone will get around it. But is it maybe a bit late? Either way, we’ll find out soon!

Image sources: Edu Carvalho and Pixabay (Pexels)

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