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Sneaky Ways To Sort Your Own Career Path When You’ve Got No Clue

Deciding what path we want to take career wise is a difficult feat. It’s often filled with anxieties about the unknown and utter confusion. As the years beyond school graduation progress, it becomes more obvious that (surprise, surprise) school pushing us to make large life decision at 17 was probably a little off kilter. But if you feel as though you’ve got no clue, never fear, friends. A study that was recently undertaken by IKEA (bless them) revealed that over half of us newbies to adulthood don’t really know what they want to do career wise. Luckily there are little tips to use when making your way (somewhat aimlessly) through your career journey.

Find Meaning In What You Do

Have a think about what makes you happy and what you believe is important. With these things in mind, it might make it easier to approach your potential career with more of a vision. You can then look for organisations and brands that align with your values and perceptions of what’s important. By doing this, it’s more likely that you’ll be satisfied in your current role and future ones too.

Think Beyond The CV

Of course, CVs are very important and as far as landing yourself a job, it’s the first step to getting an interview. However, some companies are starting to look beyond your pristine piece of paper. As we progress in society, so does the way in which we see workplace environments and perception of talents. Contemplate what else you can add to the role. And think about additional opportunities and successes that you may come across by creating your own path.

Get Entrepreneurial

The value placed on entrepreneurship is gradually increasing as the years go on. IKEA’s study revealed that Millennials are likely (two times as likely, in fact) to view leadership skills as the most valued characteristic in a workplace. Unleash your innovation, creative flair and your own unique view to help enhance your career.

Embrace The Humanistic Approach

The balance between human and digital aspects of work seem to be increasing in demand. It was revealed that over 70 percent of us youngins think that future satisfaction within the workplace will result from companies perfecting the balance. Specialist skills will always be necessary to have; however, you can evolve within the workplace by harnessing your soft skills. These include communication, problem solving and leadership. All these skills are transferrable across different career avenues, meaning you’ll be ready to go no matter if you’ve already found your career path or still getting there.

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