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So Clueless Is Getting A Reboot With Dionne As The Star And We Have Thoughts

Remaking iconic 90s chick flicks? Ugh, as if.

After the whole Princess Bride remake proposal debacle you’d think TV producers would’ve learned not to mess with iconic 90s movies. Guess not.

Clueless is the latest classic chick flick from yesteryear to receive a makeover. The new series will be wayyyy edgier than the humorous antics of Cher and the rest of the gang. The focus will be on Cher’s best gal pal Dionne, and her newfound supreme popularity at high school. But what about Cher? She’ll be missing in mysterious circumstances and Dionne will have to juggle it girl status with detective work to find her best friend.

Now I don’t want to knock it before I try it, but all reports so far point to a dramatic Riverdale-esque vibe for the TV show. And that is just so far away from 90s Clueless vibes. How can they hope to do it justice?

I’m not alone here:

The show will reportedly drop within the next year or so. All I know is the OG cast just cannot possibly be topped.

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