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So, ‘Feminist’ Monopoly Is A Thing Now And I’m Honestly Not Sure How To Feel

For some reason women make more than men for passing Go..

A new version of Monopoly is hitting shelves mid September. Hasbro is releasing ‘Ms. Monopoly,’ a ‘feminist’ edition of the classic board game. In this version, women will collect $240 for passing ‘Go,’ whilst men will receive the original $200.

This feature of the game has been kinda controversial. Some people claim that it isn’t a fair representation of feminism, as true feminism aspires for equality of pay.

It’s true, the game is telling young women that they need to be given ‘extra money’ to get ahead. Which is fake news! Ladies, you are just as smart, talented and hardworking as men.

Some people are also criticising Hasbro for having a tokenistic approach to female empowerment. Twitter is arguing that if they wanted to make a real difference, they should have created more executive roles for women within the company. Good point, Twitter!

The Ms. Monopoly controversy continues, as the OG board game was created by a woman. But, a man took credit for it! In 1903 a woman named Elizabeth Maggie designed the game and titled it The Landlord’s Game. Even though she patented her work, in 1935 a Mr Charles Darrow copied her game, renamed it ‘Monopoly,’ and sold it to the big guns. Charles, you snake.

I will give it to Ms. Monopoly on this though; instead of buying property, players invest in female driven inventions throughout history. These include chocolate chip cookies, Wi-Fi and modern shape-wear. Yasss girls.

We can’t complain too much – Hasbro donated the entire amount of money that comes with each game (almost $30,000 AUD) in real, hard cold cash to three young female entrepreneurs. The money went to two sixteen-year-old and one thirteen-year-old inventors, to invest in their socially and environmentally conscious designs.

While we might not agree with the game itself, we definitely agree with supporting young female entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to see what else the women of the future come up with. GIRL POWER!

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