So Grey Worm From Game Of Thrones Actually Dies An Awful Death By Butterflies

Was anyone going to tell me this, or was I supposed to find out from a meme myself?

We should’ve known the trauma wouldn’t be over after Game of Thrones finished. Alas, new revelations are cropping up all over the place, and this one about Grey Worm is the saddest yet.

The end of Game of Thrones, as I’ve previously talked about, was pretty disappointing for a lot of us. Some things were satisfying, like Sansa being Queen in the North, and Brienne and Podrick becoming Kingsguard. Other things, not so much

Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm in Game of Thrones, recently announced to the world the fate of one of our faves. Apparently the Unsullied all die, pretty much instantly, once reaching Naath from a butterfly plague?

Book fans know this, but it sure is news to us who have only watched the show.

To recap, the love of Grey Worm’s life, Missandei, was from Naath and often dreamed of going back. She reminisces about the beaches and lush forests to Grey Worm, who promises he will take her there one day.

Omg, just look at these cuties. My heart is going to burst.

And we all know what an absolute bae Grey Worm is – his loyalty to the women in his life is #goals. So, it makes sense that he would keep his promise to Missandei and go to Naath anyway, despite not being able to take her with him. The best kind of tragic romance, amirite?

Unfortunately, it’s not as sweet as it sounds.

Naath Is Undefeated For A Reason

According to the books, Naath is a place that’s seriously beautiful. It’s also called the Isle of Butterflies. Plus, it’s not fortified at all really. The people living there are adamantly peaceful, refusing to kill other living things or take up arms and fortify their island. Hence, this place is pretty popular for slavers to show up and kidnap Naathi like Missandei.

However, Naath has never really been conquered. Not for more than like a year anyway. And this is because, according to G.R.R Martin, there’s a mysterious and evil disease that affects only strangers to the island. It starts off as a fever, then painful spasms that make the body jump and dance around, and then the flesh literally falls off the bones of the unfortunate victim. WTF.

The disease is apparently carried by the butterflies, and the natives aren’t affected by it.

So, basically, the Unsullied are going to get to Naath and pretty much instantly die from the meat falling of their bones.

So, yeah. It’s awful. A truly freakish way to deny. Still, as if Missandei just conveniently forgot to tell Grey Worm that if he ever went to Naath he would die a horrible and gruesome death?! It’s possible that she forgot, since she was taken away as a slave when she was 5.

The bad news was confirmed by Jacob Anderson, who was interviewed by INSIDER.

“The Unsullied are just gonna die straight away as soon as they get there,” he told INSIDER on the red carpet of the MTV Movie and TV awards

Poor Grey Worm. It’s just tragedy after tragedy for him.

Image Sources: HBO, GIPHY. 

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