So Turns Out Bettina Arndt Has Been Lying About Being A Psychologist

Wait, you Arndt a doctor??

Bettina Arndt has literally been having the worst week, and it’s wonderful.

In case you have no idea who this woman is (I’m jealous), Bettina Arndt is a long time sex therapist and “feminist” turned men’s rights activist. She’s been at this for so long that she taught my mum sex ed in high school which, ugh, shudder.

Last year she received a lot of attention after she interviewed twice-convicted paedophile who raped 15 year old Grace Tame when he was her 58 year old maths teacher, and sympathised with him. She literally said “there is a real problem [that] teachers can sometimes be targeted by really provocative girls…. Male teachers are really vulnerable. And girls can be very seductive. They can come on deliberately”. BIG yikes.

She’s also been travelling around Australian unis on her “Fake Rape Crisis Campus Tour” where she basically accused feminists of manipulating universities to believe rape victims, and downplayed the importance of consent education by pushing ideas like no doesn’t always mean no, and that men are in constant danger of women flinging rape accusations with reckless abandon.

It says a lot that her supporters are the likes of SkyNews, Mark Latham, and Andrew Bolt.

Okay, But How Is Bettina Arndt Not A Real Psychologist?

So, here’s the juice: an 18 month investigation from New Matilda found that Bettina Arndt, who has been calling herself a psychologist/clinical psychologist is in fact neither of those things, and never has been.

She’s been represented as such literally hundreds of times in the media, even being referred to as a doctor in federal parliament. Bettina even confirmed herself that she isn’t a psych, despite the fact that her own book, YouTube channel, website, and Facebook page all say so. Those who lie about their status as a doctor or psychologist can face up to three years of jail time, or a fine of up to $60,000 per offence.

In short, Bettina’s in deep shit.

So are the organisations and media outlets who’ve also reported her as a medical professional, even if they didn’t know she was lying. Charges include fines of up to $120,000 per offence.

So, Is Any Of This Grounds For Losing Her Order Of Australia?

I’m happy to say, absolutely.

Not only is Bettina Arndt actively perpetuating damaging and wrong ideas about sexual assault, but she has been doing so under a title she doesn’t have. An Order of Australia can be cancelled if a person used false or misleading information to get the award, or if they’re convicted of a crime. The Governor-General can also cancel it if the recipient has “behaved or acted in a manner that has bought disrepute”.

Jill Hennessy, Victoria’s Attorney General, has written to the state’s governor-general asking him to do just that, joining thousands of people who believe Bettina doesn’t deserve the award. Rosie Batty, an anti-domestic violence campaigner and 2015 Australian of the year, and Grace Tame, the survivor of Nicolas Bester’s assault, have both expressed their disgust.

At the time of publication, there’s also been 32,403 people who’ve signed a petition to revoke her award.

Bettina doesn’t seem too concerned about everything, tweeting that the New Matilda article was a “smear job” and a “lie”. But she’s defended a paedophile so I’m not sure she has the best sense of judgement.

I don’t know about you, but in a world where a lot of terrible people do terrible things and get away scot free, I’m really hoping that Bettina Arndt is going to get what’s coming to her. Maybe justice will win out.

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