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Social Media Users Share Touching Images Of Notre Dame Pre-Fire

The world has shared its heartbreak following the burning of Paris’s Cathรฉdrale Notre Dame today. From Parisians singing in the streets, to leaders from across the world sharing their condolences, it has been a global upset.

However, in light of the event, social media users across all platforms have been sharing images they took of the monument pre-disaster. Some of the images were even captured the day of the fire. Notre Dame was, and is, a truly beautiful building.

Photo I took of Notre Dame at 4:55pm 15 April 2019 – an hour before it was consumed by fire from r/Damnthatsinteresting

Beautiful Notre Dame, we doubt this will be the last time you stand in all your glory. This just happens to be another step back in your almost thousand-year long history.

Image Credit: Reuters

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