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Some Juicy Deets About The Final Game Of Thrones Season Just Got Dropped FINALLY

God, these guys love to string us along a bit lot. Game Of Thrones Season 8, the final season, is set to be released in March 2018 (don’t take that at face value) having started filming in October 2017. We got word, in form of Sophie Turner’s (Sansa) tat, that filming officially ended in July. And now, we’ve finally got some details about the up and coming season. I mean, winter has definitely come and gone way too many times since the last season.

We’ve heard that the first scene in the new season depicts Jon Snow and his new Targaryen girlfriend walking into Winterfell. And Sansa isn’t a bit pleased that Jon bent the knee to Dany. But there’s a serious question to be asked here. Is anyone even aware that Snow is her nephew?! Surely that’s illegal.

But the info that we’re all down for is the fact that, despite previous insider goss that the final battle took 55 days to film (wtf?!), it did in fact take another few weeks to get the perfect scene. I am personally struggling to contain my excitement over the impending gruesomeness of the battle and facing the Army of the Dead.

I mean, the battle in Season 6 was pretty big, but the final fight is going to be ten times bigger by the sounds of it. And is sure to show a heck of a lot of deaths in the process. It’s being talked about as the ‘longest action sequence made for television or film.’ Damn. Bring it on White Walkers, bring it on.

Image Sources: Time Magazine, The Verge

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