Some Legend Mowed A Giant Dick Into A Field For Trump

Although, let’s be real – it’s a bit generous on the size.

Trump is visiting the UK this week and while I’m sure we were all expecting (or hoping) for some great backlash, no one saw this one coming. For mowed artfully on a field that is very visible from the flight to Stansted Airport is a giant penis, next to the words “OI TRUMP.”

This is a way better welcome than tea and crumpets.

The giant dick comes from Born Eco, who are all about the environment and eco-friendly trading. They said they put it up as a nice welcome and a “stiff” message about climate change – there’s also a polar bear and the words “climate change is real” mowed into the grass.

The phallic delight is courtesy of 18 year old arts student (represent!) Ollie Nancarrow, who mowed it on his parent’s property because he reckons way too many leaders refuse to believe in climate change, as reported by SBS.

Trump’s visit is obvs being met with outrage – unsurprisingly, since we all remember that marvelous Baby Trump balloon the last time the English had enough of him. Which, by the way, is now currently touring the world at various anti-Trump rallies. #travelgoals.

The massive wang is one of many protests peeps are planning against Trump’s really shitty climate change stance. America’s own natural disaster, Trump is wreaking havoc on our Mother Earth with less grace (and foreign political understanding, TBH) than Godzilla. Considering the fact that the US is the biggest polluter in the world, backing out of the climate deal is a huge slap in the face for the environment.

Ollie, you’re a legend and we hope there’s much more civil disobedience to come.

Image Source: Twitter @born_eco, @babytrumptour, GIPHY

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