Some Legends Remixed Gladys’s Defqon Outrage Into A Hardstyle Banger And It’s WILD

Defqon.1 has been one of Australia’s most popular music festivals since its inception in 2009. The whole community was rocked by the tragic overdoses of two festival-goers earlier this month. For most, the tragedy served as a call to increase pill testing and regulate drugs for the safety of the people.

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen NSW Premier Glady’s Berejiklian’s impassioned speech following Defqon.1. (In which she is curiously wearing a hard hat… no comment). Berejilian vows to “not see this event held in Sydney or New South Wales every again. We will do everything we can to shut this down.” She also, infuriatingly, dismisses the notion of pill testing, claiming it green-lights taking illicit substances.

Attempting to bring light to a tragic situation, Twisted Melodiez and N3bula have hilariously remixed Gladys Berejiklian’s heated speech into a hardstyle banger. The crucial sentence “shut this down” serves as the song’s hook, and is accompanied with Defqon.1 footage of people having the time of their lives.

There’s no doubt the song will make its way into a few sets at next year’s Defqon.1. That is, if they have the opportunity to host the festival again. Until then, blare it from your speakers in the car and dance HARD. And be safe out there, kids.

Image Source: Defqon.1 Facebook

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