Somebody Plz Explain Why Trump Just Posted A Pic Of His Head On Rocky’s Body


You know, I really thought that by now nothing that Trump tweets could surprise me. This guy  has proven time and time again that he’s actually insane, and I’ve accepted it. His account is nuts on the best of days.

And yet, here I am, sitting in my office, writing a goddamn article because Trump just tweeted a picture of his head photoshopped onto Sylvester Stallone’s body from Rocky and I don’t understand why.

I mean, it doesn’t even have a caption. This man really thought he could just post this fucking weird ass jerk-off to himself and not explain? What’re the odds that he has this exact image painted, framed and hanging over his bed?

Honestly, all I’m getting here is male fragility. Apparently one of Trump’s recent medical exams revealed that he’s medically obese.

Being one of the most vain and up-his-own ass person in the world, he’s probably trying to overcompensate in whatever way possible, no matter how deranged, to convince people that he’s not a nasty old man. Which also makes sense because apparently when telling his rally about his medical check-up, he said that the doctor called his chest “gorgeous.” Uh-uh. Okay.

Other’s reckon it was more meaningful than that.

Of Course You Meme Lords Have Destroyed This Pic, And I Expect Nothing Less

Let’s be real – the only reason we care about this tweet is because we’re all frothing at the mouth at the prospect of memes. Well don’t worry, you won’t be disappointed.

Image Sources: Twitter

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