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Songs That Will Make You Embrace Being Single AF

You don’t need nobody.

There are many beauties of being in your 20s; the freedom and the opportunity being a small fraction of the perks. However, this age group can provide many contrasts. We seem to be in this strange limbo, where half of us are earning money from our careers, buying houses and getting married, while the other half of us are living on noodles, struggle to buy socks and our dating antics are in absolute shambles.

I am in the latter category, and oh boy, what a time to be alive. While dating can be chaos, singledom is actually a hella good time (what part of only having to think about you is a bad thing?) Especially with these tunes to bop too.

#1 Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj, Beyonce

The ultimate sassy self-love song, featuring two of the strongest females in the music industry. There’s not much that can’t be admired here. Whether you’re fresh out of a break up or you’re just living the (bloody amazing) single life, crack this one out with your girl gang and get your best moves out ’cause you’re sure to impress.

#2 Fight Song – Rachel Platten

When your ex is still on your mind and you’re on that uphill struggle to coming to terms with being single, Rachel Platten assures you it’s okay with her beaut yet independent female kinda voice. Take some notes out of her book and fight against it all. Blare it loud and proud and take back ya’ life by celebrating that you don’t need anyone to make you happy!

#3 You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi

This song may be a little more morbid, but the fact that it’s an absolute ripper of a break-up ballad just can’t be denied. I remember listening to this song live in concert a week after my first break up and I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite memories. Screaming this song out is a great way to expel that single angst you may have, as the song makes out that those who hurt you previously are little devils. And honestly, a little air guitar solo will also help.

#4 Live And Let Die – Paul McCartney (Live Version)

If you want an old school banger, look no further than Live and Let Die. It’s actually the theme song for one of the James Bond movies, but it’s fiery enough to make you love being single. The first 20 odd seconds of the song start calm, when suddenly you’re inundated with rock guitars and drums blaring out your speakers. It’s the type of song you imagine watching things burn too (like old memorabilia from a failed relationship, I can confirm this is satisfying). I also, recommend listening to this one in the car and rocking out to it.

#5 Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson

It doesn’t matter if you absolutely love this song, or loath it entirely, you can’t deny yourself the sheer joy of belting it out. In amidst the catharsis you’ll be able to reminisce on all the things you get to do, now that your ex-partner has vanished into thin air (unless they’re still leeching around. In that case, refer to song #3 and tell them adios). It doesn’t matter who broke up with who, this song is bound to make you feel like you’re about to set foot into a new chapter and have the time of your life.

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