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Sony Release Light Bulb + Speaker, Is Amazing

We live in a crazy world of dynamic innovation, and there’s no doubt Sony have played a big part in their long history. But this shit is just freaking sick.

The electronics giant has released a new light bulb that doubles up as a Bluetooth speaker. It can screw in to any normal light bulb socket and you can crank some killer tunes through it, simply by using an app on your smartphone.

Not only that, but the app also allows you to control the brightness of the bulb – which sports a 360-lumen unit. And of course, in case you’re not smartphone friendly (really?) you can pair the purchase up with a wireless remote.

We absolutely love this little piece of tech, so check out some of the killer pics below!

sony-bt-3   sony-led-light-bulb-speaker-lspx-100e26j

The speaker/bulb is set to be released late next week in Japan for a price around the AUD$200 mark. A bit expensive, but I will happily starve myself for this little beaut.

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