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Soothing Tunes That Will Make Studying Less Painful

If you’re a uni student, you’re nearing the end of the year. Providing you haven’t got yourself enrolled in summer school, that is. The end is in sight and heads are down. Most of the time..

These chilled out tunes will help you destress and get your work done in time for summer to roll in.

#1 Tash Sultana // Big Smoke

Tash has gone from strength to strength in the past couple of years. I remember watching her perform Jungle in 2016, just before she went global and my oh my, what an incredible sight (and sound) to behold. She brings a seriously chilled out vibe in her first album which is perfect for getting in the zone.

#2 Matt Corby // All That I See

Who can resist the angelic face voice of Matt Corby? We’ve been waiting on a new album for two long years and Rainbow Valley is now on the brink of being released. One of the first singles from the album is as soothing as ever, and it’s just ready to be put on repeat. The perfect song to de-stress.

#3 Leisure // All Over You

This Auckland based band provide tunes that perfectly coincide with their name. Bringing a mix of faster beats and soft soul, their laid back approach to producing music is reflected in their songs. Relaaax, you’ve still got a few hours ’til the deadline.

#4 Ocean Alley // Baby Come Back

Northern Beaches boys Ocean Alley supply the ultimate study tunes. Baden’s raw, soulful voice in their recent Triple J Like A Version hits you right in the feels, along with some smooth as hell guitar riffs. These guys can do no wrong.

#5 Tom Misch // Movie

If you’re a fan of the instrumental stuff, British artist Tom Misch is your go to. This guy is my favourite when I just want to chill out. A blend of electronic beats and buttery jazz riffs paired with the odd hip-hop feature make this guy a ultimate study go to. Newcomer to the scene, Loyle Carner also collaborates with Tom regularly, and boy do the pair make some good music.

#6 Tora // Too Much

Sticking with the electronic vibes here. Byron Bay band, Tora produce some honey-coated tracks that help you get your head down and focus. If you’re a fan of Chet Faker/Nick Murphy, you’re sure to love these guys just as much.

#7 Sylvan Esso // Coffee

.. And coffee is exactly what we need right now. US duo Sylvan Esso are yet another electronic pop band coming in hard and fast. Since playing at Laneway fest this past February, they’re gaining plenty of traction. Check out their live versions for lead singer Amelia’s tranquil tones.

Image Source: Tyler Nix

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