Sorry, But ‘Naked Attraction’ Is The Worst Dating Show Ever Made

I honestly don’t understand how this show is even a thing?!?

So if you weren’t aware, 9Now is currently streaming a British dating show called ‘Naked Attraction.’ As the name suggests, contestants meet each other for the first time completely butt naked.

Now listen, I’m absolutely all for the trashiest of dating shows. I am (shamefully) a huge fan of Dating In The Dark, Farmer Wants A Wife and Are You The One. All those shows best described as ‘trash TV.’ BUT, Naked Attraction takes the cake. This one is too much for even the trashiest of trash TV fans…

The premise of the show is one person acts as a bachelor or bachelorette of sorts, and gets to choose from a selection of naked singles. The contestants are put into these weird sci-fi looking tubes (that give me Austin Powers when he was in the freezing chamber vibes) and are displayed one body part at a time.

First the contestants’ legs and genitals are revealed, then their stomach and chest, and finally their faces. And you’re probably wondering – no, absolutely nothing is censored. You’re just slapped in the face with full frontal P&V!

After each instalment of body parts, the one doing the choosing must decide which of the singles they are not interested in, and that person has to leave their tube thingie. Once it has been narrowed down to two contestants, the bachelor/bachelorette strips down to their birthday suit and chooses which single they would like to take on a date.

I have so many thoughts about this show, but firstly – how the hell is this allowed on 9Now?! This stuff is borderline pornographic and if I had children I would be genuinely worried about them stumbling across this show on accident. Secondly – why the hell does anyone go on this show?!? Imagine your whole family, your employer, your freaking colleagues streaming your kit-and-caboodle on the big screen!?

Most importantly though, the message this show sends is absolutely disgusting. Choosing a person to date based on the size of their penis, breasts or their figure is something I thought we had moved past? Naked Attraction is vain, grossly graphic and promoting notions of unhealthy body image. Get this thing off the internet asap, pls and thank you.

Image Sources: 9Now

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