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Sorry Taylor Swift Fans, Your Fave Just Got Replaced By A Band You’ve Never Heard Of, AKA TOOL

Taylor Swift‘s album Lover dropped just a few weeks ago, and got pretty decent reviews too. However, just a two weeks into being on the top of the Billboard 100 (okay, two weeks is long but this is Taylor Swift), it’s been knocked down and replaced by TOOL, with their first album drop in 13 years called Fear Inoculum.

TOOL has claimed the #1 spot on both the ARIA Album Chart, and  Billboard top 200. The new album release was met with heaps of anticipation.

The Coalition of Independent Music Stores (CIMS) described the crazy event-like album release: “Several stores had well-attended midnight sales on Thursday (it was my store’s first midnight sale in 10 years).”

“When we returned to work on Friday morning, there were lines at the door… the TOOL release was the biggest thing to hit retail in years.”

Oh yeah, Taylor fans weren’t happy about that. How on earth did a band well into their 50s displace pop darling Taylor Swift?

Come on, in what other timeline would we get to experience this quality entertainment?

TOOL’s frontman posted his first Tweet in over a month, and it was literally a meme about Taylor Swift.

It’s a hilarious clash of groups that you’d never expected, and we’re really enjoying the bewilderment of Swift fans.

TOOL’s album received great reviews, being described as “deeply satisfying” by Entertainment Weekly, and was given 5 stars by NME. Billboard described it as “The album that hard rock devotees will be poring over for years…” and Revolver called it a “masterpiece to be dissected by years to come.”

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