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How To Sort Out Awkward Tension With A Good Mate

Friendship is a wonderful thing to have, not to mention biologically necessary for our well-being. However, naturally it’s not always going to be the best of times. It’s one thing to have a few road blocks when getting to know someone. But what happens when you have awkward tension with a good mate who knows nearly every part of you? And how do you come to solve it?

Speak Up

There’s always a reason for tension. Most of the time it’s due to something that’s either been said or done. If your friendship is strong, you should be able to speak honestly about what caused the upset. Letting your troubles linger doesn’t help anyone.

Both Parties Need To Listen

No matter if it’s a simple misunderstanding, or if there’s actually someone in the wrong, both of you need to take a seat and listen to both perspectives of the story. Sure, this can be a struggle, but there comes a time where we need to learn to put on our big boy/ girl pants and be adult about tension.

Try Not To React Spitefully

We all have different ways of dealing with emotions. However, if you’re someone who tends to be a bit of a firecracker, you might want to think about your approach. Sometimes it’s best to give it a couple hours. This way you can sort through the tension with a more rational mind. You could write down what you want to say in the moment of anger, leave it unsent, and tweak it every hour until it looks like you’re not on a warpath.


Just because you may think that you’re not in the wrong, doesn’t mean that your mate’s hurt feelings go unjustified. Regardless if what was said or done was unintentional, an apology is always welcome. You’d be surprised at how many of us don’t say sorry due to pride or stubbornness. If the awkwardness is due to something unintentional, it’s as simple as saying, “I’m really sorry, it wasn’t my intention to upset you like this.”

Move On

Remember the notion of putting on big boy/ girl pants and being an adult? Well moving on from the argument and not bringing it up again (once resolved) requires you to put on an even bigger pair. In certain circumstances it’s easy to bring past arguments back to try and add validity to your current tensions. You’re both mates for a reason, and you both have mutual love and respect for each other, so move on, peeps.

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