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How To Spend Money So You Can Live Like Beyonce

A life of lavish can be difficult to manage, especially if you’re living in an Aussie capital city (thanks for those killer rent prices Sydney, appreciate it). Everyone likes a taste of the finer things in life, especially us millennials with our seven dollar organic macadamia milk lattes and 22 buck smashed avo toasts. Throw in a new outfit for a Saturday night out and a few cocktails and there goes your entire fortnightly budget down the drain. For many of us we wanna maintain the Beyonce lifestyle but don’t exactly have the funds to do so. Well mates, we got yo back. Follow of few of these cheeky money saving tips and you really can have it all.

Select Your Splurge Items And Make Unnecessary Cost Cuts

So you’ve become accustomed to a ridiculous coffee habit, spending about $50 a week of overpriced lattes. Break the habit and think, what would Bey do. Rather than grabbing a takeaway coffee every morning, invest in some exotic filtered coffee which you can have in the office. Not only will you maintain your lush coffee habit , you’ll save plenty of cash in doing so. Coffee is a great place to start, but get creative and think of other expendetures which will allow you to maximise your cash in other areas.

Invest In Quality

We all know Beyonce only purchases the best of the best, and so you should start applying this mentality to your own shopping habits. Forget buying cheap, crappy clothes every few week and start investing in some fierce wardrobe items that will last you years. Thanks to the glorious apps such as Afterpay and ZipPay, you can now pay off exxy shopping purchases rather than suffering one big hit. Say hello to that Scotch and Soda coat you’ve been eyeing off, without breaking the bank in consequence.

Travel Off Peak

Beyonce is the queen of luxury travel, and whilst most of us can’t afford a private jet over to the Maldives, we can at least get close. Travelling off peak and booking your trips well in advance can help you achieve that luxury style getaway without ending up in bank account trouble. Download apps like I Know The Pilot to get incred flight deals and troll sites like Trivago and Hotels Combined for the latest hotel discounts. The more research you put in, the greater your Beyonce style holiday will become.

Get Creative

Queen B is more than an incredible artist, she’s a damn successful business woman too. One thing we can learn from Beyonce is branching out and discovering new ways to make extra cash. If you wanna spend like her you need to increase that income. You might be a great writer, photographer or even dog walker. Work out how you can use your talents in a side or freelancing job. Expand your empire and you’ll see the cash roll in. The more cash, the easier the splash really.

Image Source: Vogue

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