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Splendour & Falls Fest Have Secured Byron Parklands ‘Forever’ But Gladys Is Hot On Their Heels

It’s been a hot minute since Splendour in the Grass and Falls Music and Arts Festivals had a permanent venue to call home. It was touch and go for a few years whether the North Byron Parklands venue would be permitted to continue hosting the kicker festivals and people were genuinely biting their nails in an anxious wait.

Amidst the negotiations there were rumours flying around that the two festivals would be permanently re-located to Tassie. But I mean, no offence fellow Tassie islander people but like, I’m pretty sure there’s only one ‘grassy hill’ and that’s the one in Byron. #JustByronThings.

Well the news is in people. North Byron Bay Parklands have been given the go ahead to kick start a $42 million redevelopment of the site which will see a huge increase in its capacity. The go ahead also means the site will be home ‘forever’ to both Splendour and Falls Festival, with the redevelopment allowing 50k more festi goers the chance to frolic through the grass at Splendour and 35k more peeps at the Falls Fest.


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After 13 years in the making we finally have a forever home at North Byron Parklands along side our festival besties @fallsfestival Byron! Read our full statement in our bio. That said, the news of North Byron Parkland’s approval is bittersweet as it comes at a time when the music festival industry in NSW is under attack by Premier Gladys Berejiklian. As lovers of music, we hope you consider the future of your favourite festivals when you cast your vote! #votemusic ?: @claudiaciapocha

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But it’s a bittersweet result.

Whilst this is a win for Splendour and Falls, the state of the music industry is far from in the clear. In light of the dwindling industry, and with the state election right around the corner, Splendour in the Grass are urging everyone to get on board and #VoteMusic. Don’t rock up to the ballot box unprepared. Ensure you are enrolled to vote and educate yourself on each party’s policies that concern the music industry.

Whilst Splendour and Falls may have a venue, their fates are totally in the hands of the Government. Tightening regulations and protocols surrounding festivals could see even more of a demise in the industry. Let’s avoid a Mountain Sounds round 2. #VoteMusic.

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